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Series: Born in Time

This series of oil paintings are expressive, masked manifestations of memory, both appropriated and original. For several of the paintings, the buildup of paint is so thick that they become sculptural. I feel as if I am reclaiming a memory with tangible 3D form, while denying the literal. My abstract color schemes express the inexactness of memory. The representational vocabulary illustrates the frustrating act of capturing faded memories. My purpose was to capture that feeling of displacement by masking part of the memory, not trying to retell it.

The creation of this series came in phases. I no longer set out to produce work of any fixed memory. Each piece was produced at a time where I felt my connection to these thoughts was rooted in the land where the memories took place.

I consider my repetitive imagery like a cast of characters, each with their own personalities, coming and going from scene to scene. Sometimes they are engaging in dialog in a painting; other times we see them on the stage alone, confessing their thoughts about the state of things.



State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY
B.F.A. Painting/Drawing, Minor: Art History. May 2010, GPA: 3.9, Summa Cum Laude



Octagon Gallery at Patterson Library, “Rekindle” Group Exhibition, Westfield, NY, January – February.


Marion Art Gallery at SUNY Fredonia, “Senior Show: The Fabulous 9” Group Exhibition, Fredonia, NY, April.
Adams Art Gallery, “Rearranging Womanhouse” Group Exhibition, Dunkirk, NY, Spring.


Emmitt Christian Gallery at SUNY Fredonia, “Monotypes” Group Exhibition, Fredonia, NY, December.
Emmitt Christian Gallery at SUNY Fredonia, “Inexact Impressions” Solo Exhibition, Fredonia, NY, October.
Delaware & Hudson Building at SUNY Albany, “Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition” Albany, NY, Spring.
SUNY Fredonia Women’s Studies Student Research Conference, Fredonia, NY, March.
Marion Art Gallery at SUNY Fredonia “Faculty Select” Fredonia, NY, Spring.


Marin Art Gallery at SUNY Fredonia “Faculty Select” Fredonia, NY, Spring.
Adams Art Gallery, Dunkirk, NY, Spring.


Syracuse Vineyard Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Syracuse, NY, June – July.


The Department of Visual Arts and New Media State University of New York College at Fredonia: Award of Excellence in recognition of outstanding performance and achievement in the discipline of Drawing and Painting, May 2010.

Award for Excellence at the Fredonia Women’s Studies Student Research Conference for painting series “Artsy Girls Gone Wild,” Spring 2009

Recipient of the Chautauqua Craft Alliance Scholarship, Fall 2008


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